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El Cassetto: a SuperMegaNet novel by Jesse Gordon

El Cassetto: A SuperMegaNet Novel

Can the Runt Squad defeat an evil Internet meme before it’s too late?

When a rash of spontaneous pregnancies hits San Angelico, Theo, Ernie, Eva, and Jan discover that an evil Internet meme is to blame—and its origin is even more diabolical than anyone could ever imagine.

This book is an inconvenient compilation of the El Cassetto story arc. Enjoy, and always remember to practice safe text.

Dookie, a cheesy horror novel by Jesse Gordon

Dookie: A Cheesy Horror Novel

Exploding toilets, a dead maintenance guy, and a…poop monster?

Old and outdated, Lovéren isn’t the kind of apartment complex anyone really WANTS to move into. But the rent is dirt-cheap, and for brothers Noah and Kayleb Padalecki, signing a lease means a chance at a fresh start. However, when a series of gruesome plumbing accidents starts claiming the lives of tenants, it becomes chillingly apparent to the brothers that there’s something sinister lurking in their pipes, and it can take more than one flush to get rid of a bad turd.

Welcome to Lovéren, where the plumbing isn’t just bad, it’s killer…

The Oatmeal Man, a cheesy horror movie

The Oatmeal Man

Six best friends are stalked by a high-fiber breakfast cereal killer.

Happy End: once the home of the Friendly Oatmeal Factory, now a long-forgotten ghost town in the middle of nowhere—and an unintended stopover for six best friends who are about to discover the true meaning of terror. People: it’s what’s for breakfast!

Heroes' Day, a social science fiction novel by Jesse Gordon

Heroes’ Day

No opportunity comes without a price, not even for the Patriot elite.

In the late twenty-first century, war has become unfashionable. In its place: the Global Ranking System, a means by which the world’s Patriot nations can compete for resources via academic, artistic, athletic, and scientific contest.

Monica Sardinia is a junior national gymnast whose superior technical ability has earned her elite citizenship, credits for her hometown, and a chance to compete as a Patriot athlete on Heroes’ Day. However, when her parents can no longer afford to keep her training at her local club, she’s forced to go “common,” relinquishing her elite status and watching from the sidelines as her training partners move on to bigger and better things without her.

Struggling to adjust to her new life as an average, ordinary teenager growing up in an ailing Wisconsin suburb, Monica’s future looks bleak—that is, until she’s unexpectedly drafted as team captain of America’s precocious new national squad. It’s the chance of a lifetime, and she takes it, heading to the Olympus Space Station to train under none other than legend (and former Hero), Darren Hades. But no opportunity comes without a price, and Monica soon finds that in order to compete internationally she’ll have to do more than just master her skills, for in the world of the Patriot elite scores are the lifeblood of the economy, and the slightest misstep can send ripples across the globe.

Stories from the Steel Garden, a social science fiction novel by Jesse Gordon

Stories from the Steel Garden

A young storyteller’s words become reality…

Richard Doroschenko is a diligent worker and a kind-hearted resident of the Steel Garden manufacturing campus. He is also a storyteller with the ability to frame people, places, and events in such a way that the dismal mediocrity of everyday life becomes something bearable. This novel chronicles Richard’s experiences during Earth’s Sol Union days, when humankind is caught in a decades long galactic war that threatens to extinguish the human spirit once and for all – but Richard has a unique point of view, and he soon learns that his storytelling ability is more than just make-believe…

The Knack, an urban fantasy novel by Jesse Gordon

The Knack

A voracious psychic vampire embarks on a treacherous journey of self-discovery.

“You ache. You hunger. The doctors tell you that you’re fine, but you know there’s something wrong. You can feel it in your blood.”

Anaheim, California is comprised of two types of people: duds and the afflicted (also called “initiates”). The former are your everyday, average folk, but the latter possess what is informally referred to as “the knack.” An unusual sort of STD, the knack heightens a person’s metaphysical abilities. It allows a person to perform “mind-magic” in the form of subliminal persuasion, lucid dreams, shape-shifting, and, even, the swapping of minds between bodies. The downside is that, once infected, a person becomes dependent on the essence / life force of others, and must continuously replenish his or her energies.

For Bryson, growing up is an uneventful ritual. That is, until he meets Kyna, a voracious initiate for whom love has little meaning. At first convinced that his feelings for her are the result of mere infatuation, Bryson quickly find himself caught in a web of friendship and deceit as Kyna’s vampiric dependencies lead them both on a treacherous journey of self-discovery.

Time Chaser, a science fiction novel by Jesse Gordon

Time Chaser

The only way back home lies beyond the maniacal watch of a timeless adversary…

Unintentionally separated from his birth stream, Storm Anderson was a fugitive on the run, an exile of humanity, and the Time Patrol’s biggest headache. All he wanted was to get back home. However, the journey across time and space had delivered him a lifetime away from everyone and everything he held dear, and the only way back lay beyond the maniacal watch of a timeless adversary…

Short Stories & Novellas

  • as A.J. Thompson:
  • “Line 43,” Anotherealm (2005)
  • “The Gilded Flame,” Sword’s Edge #18 (2004)
  • “Swarm,” Deep Magic #15 (2003)
  • “The Dead Whistler,” Demensions (2003)
  • Starship Earth, ShadowKeep (2002)
  • “Don’t Feed Santa Yellow Snow,” ShadowKeep Christmas Carnage 2001 Anthology (2001)
  • “The Demon in the Drain,” ShadowKeep (2000)
  • “Nothing Special,” Sunjammer (2000)
  • “Color Conformity,” Aphelion (1999)
  • “On a Cold Winter’s Night,” From Beyond (1999)
  • “Lucifer Works at Starbucks,” From Beyond (1999)
  • “A Pair of Wings,” Anotherealm (1999)
  • “Yet Another Reality,” Aphelion (1999)