Books & Stuff

El Cassetto: a SuperMegaNet novel by Jesse Gordon

El Cassetto: A SuperMegaNet Novel

Can the Runt Squad defeat an evil Internet meme before it’s too late?

Dookie, a cheesy horror novel by Jesse Gordon

Dookie: A Cheesy Horror Novel

Exploding toilets, a dead maintenance guy, and a…poop monster?

The Oatmeal Man, a cheesy horror movie

The Oatmeal Man

Six best friends are stalked by a high-fiber breakfast cereal killer.

Heroes' Day, a social science fiction novel by Jesse Gordon

Heroes’ Day

No opportunity comes without a price, not even for the Patriot elite.

Stories from the Steel Garden, a social science fiction novel by Jesse Gordon

Stories from the Steel Garden

A young storyteller’s words become reality…

The Knack, an urban fantasy novel by Jesse Gordon

The Knack

A voracious psychic vampire embarks on a treacherous journey of self-discovery.

Time Chaser, a science fiction novel by Jesse Gordon

Time Chaser

The only way back home lies beyond the maniacal watch of a timeless adversary…

Short Stories & Novellas

  • as A.J. Thompson:
  • “Line 43,” Anotherealm (2005)
  • “The Gilded Flame,” Sword’s Edge #18 (2004)
  • “Swarm,” Deep Magic #15 (2003)
  • “The Dead Whistler,” Demensions (2003)
  • Starship Earth, ShadowKeep (2002)
  • “Don’t Feed Santa Yellow Snow,” ShadowKeep Christmas Carnage 2001 Anthology (2001)
  • “The Demon in the Drain,” ShadowKeep (2000)
  • “Nothing Special,” Sunjammer (2000)
  • “Color Conformity,” Aphelion (1999)
  • “On a Cold Winter’s Night,” From Beyond (1999)
  • “Lucifer Works at Starbucks,” From Beyond (1999)
  • “A Pair of Wings,” Anotherealm (1999)
  • “Yet Another Reality,” Aphelion (1999)