l33t Arrival



Looking and feeling absolutely ridiculous in my earmuffs.

But Ernie looks even worse. Tangled up in magnetic tape, he’s doing some kind of overturned beetle impression while this older college dude tries to subvert him.

I wave uncertainly at the girls. “Uh…hi.”

One of them blushes and covers her mouth. “OMG—it’s l33t!”

“You know me?”

Everybody knows you!”

Well, crud.

Ernie smiles crazily at me, continuing to struggle in his opponent’s grasp. “Oh, thank God—my friend’s here! He can back me up! Tell them about El Cassetto, Theo!”

The older dude goes still, glares up at me. “You know this lunatic?”

I smile uncomfortably.

The girls continue to hold each other.

I ask sheepishly, “Um…have any of you seen an Asia CD?”

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