’Tis the Season to Be Fμcking Off


Theo downloads back into his bedroom. Judging by the fact that he’s still loinclothed and in black and white, I’m guessing his visit to Taurus tech support didn’t solve anything.

Still, I ask, “How’d it go?”

He unstraps the toy dagger from his thigh, lets it drop onto the floor as he throws himself face-down onto his bed. “I’m sleeping until 2020.”

I climb up beside him, tuck myself into his arms.

“Suffer the holidays,” I whisper.

“Suffer the holidays,” he whispers back.

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Dookie, a shitty horror novel by Jesse Gordon

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Jesse Gordon

Geek. Writer. Supreme overlord of the SUPERMEGANET pseudoverse. Author of THE OATMEAL MAN, DOOKIE, and other such wasteful nonsense.