“I see here,” Freud says, shifting in his leather chair, thumbing through my journal, “that you’re still doing lists.”

“Yeah,” I reply.

“What’s this one?” He holds the journal out for me to see. “‘The Ultimate Contextual Playlist.’”

I blush. “It’s…I…sort of…I can usually tell what someone’s doing by the song they’re listening to. This is a list of all the times I was right.”

“An interesting superpower, my boy!” Freud examines the list more closely. “‘David Lanz’s Skyline Firedance?’”

I blush again. “That’s my mom working out in her home studio.”

“‘Ottmar Liebert?’”

“That’s Dad cooking.”

“‘Symphonecrophilia, by Asia Afrodesia?’”

“My friend Ernie playing through a Hella War campaign.”

“‘Loud next-door banda?’”

“That’s Jan working out. He doesn’t really listen to his own music.”

Freud moves his finger down to the final entry. “And this one here, the one that’s crossed off—‘The Woodland Knight Discography?’”

I hesitate.

Freud waits.

Face-palm. “That’s me listening to so much Woodland Knight that I forget my laptop password.”

Checking his wristwatch, Freud nods knowingly, puts my journal down, leans back in his chair, the leather crinkling loudly. “Tell me about your father.”

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