For the next two months I’m going to be holed away in my office while I work to finish a certain specific project by a certain specific deadline. So, I thought I should explain why it’s been about the same amount of time since my last SuperMegaNet post. Firstly, the series isn’t going anywhere. It will be on hiatus until after the new year. There’s good news, though: I managed to find time this month to finish the script for the SuperMegaNet comic. The tentative title is “The Tape.” No word yet on whether it will be a book first, or a weekly-webcomic-to-book kind of thing. Heck, at this point it has a good chance of being debuted as subway graffiti. More on this as I figure out what the hell is going on.

Here’s an early version (drawn by the always-delightful Abbey Cardenas) of what Ernie may look like:

Abbey Cardenas' idea of what Ernie should look like

If all goes well, he will soon resemble the world’s biggest chat room fail. :p

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